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What to Expect at a Team Martial Arts Birthday Party

Our talented and well-trained staff work with kids daily and have the experience to provide a high-quality, professional birthday party for your child and their friends. No prior martial arts experience is necessary to have fun and learn something new at one of our parties!

Our birthday parties are geared toward ages 5 to 10, and activities incorporate a mix of all fitness levels. Each party includes one hour of instructor-led activities including:

  • A basic introduction to martial arts
  • Age-appropriate martial arts techniques
  • Fun games based on karate skills
  • Activities that develop balance, focus, and hand-eye coordination

We hope that everyone who attends a birthday party at Team Martial Arts

  • has fun learning and playing with their friends,
  • sees a boost in confidence from trying something new, and
  • has the opportunity to feel like part of our family for the day.

We can’t wait to see you on the mat!


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