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What is Kajukenbo and Kenpo Karate?

Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art that incorporates a mixture of striking, blocking, kicking, stand-up and ground combat, choreographed forms, and self-defense. Five martial artists developed this style, each focused on a different specialty. It was officially founded in Oahu, Hawai’i in 1947 by martial artist, Adriano Emperado. Kajukenbo is an acronym for the many styles it incorporates: KArate; JUdo/jitsu; KENpo; BOxing. The name of the art also holds a philosophical meaning: “Through this fist style, one gains long life and happiness.”

Kenpo Karate is a liberal martial art, rooted deeply in its original Chinese ancestral teachings but ever-evolving. Like water, it continually changes as each practitioner passes it on to the next pupil in their studies. Each practitioner remains true to the roots but incorporates his/her vision of Kenpo as an evolving art. It is a system based on knowledge, foundation, speed, power, and accuracy. Above all, Kenpo Karate teaches the practitioner to be the best person they can be through self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-respect.


Focus on various striking, blocking, and kicking exercises that build foundation, proper form, and technique.


Teach focus, mental discipline, and practical self-defense against single and multiple attackers with empty-handed or armed with a weapon.


Builds timing, reflexes, and spontaneous reaction without knowing your opponent’s attack.

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