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What is Kajukenbo?

Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art that incorporates a mixture of striking, blocking, kicking, stand-up and ground combat, choreographed forms, and self-defense. Five martial artists developed this style, each focused on a different specialty. It was officially founded in Oahu, Hawai’i in 1947 by martial artist, Adriano Emperado. Kajukenbo is an acronym for the many styles it incorporates: KArate; JUdo/jitsu; KENpo; BOxing. The name of the art also holds a philosophical meaning: “Through this fist style, one gains long life and happiness.”

For our youngest students (ages 3 to 6), we introduce the mechanics of basic kicks, blocks and punches. Starting at roughly age 7 to adult, we introduce more complex techniques and combinations.

In our children’s programs (Cubs, Tigers, Youth, Preteen) we focus on martial arts, fitness, and -most importantly- life skills. Each class has time dedicated to a mat chat where instructors talk about an important life skill that reaches beyond martial arts such as focus, respect, or balance.

In our Teen/Adult programs we focus on martial arts, fitness, and teamwork. Students learn important self-defense techniques, build their strength and conditioning, and practice control of mind, body and emotions as they work with peers of all different skill levels and abilities.


Focus on various striking, blocking, and kicking exercises that build foundation, proper form, and technique.


Teach focus, mental discipline, and practical self-defense against single and multiple attackers with empty-handed or armed with a weapon.


Builds timing, reflexes, and spontaneous reaction without knowing your opponent’s attack.

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